leading the new space engineering approach



A team of +40 World-class engineers specialized in design, qualification, manufacturing and testing of satellites structures and mechanisms.
Strong management with long experience in space industry, prepared to work in fast-paced projects.

Supported by a skilled staff with the heritage of +10 missions, playing primary roles in the development of Mechanical Flight Systems and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment.​



ARATOM cooperates with their customers in solving their most critical problems combining our team vast engineering experience in space with vanguard software simulation, prototyping and testing.

ARATOM team is capable of going through the entire mechanical design process of a spacecraft, from conceptual design to detailed drawing release and prototyping. We believe that simple-low failure mode mechanical concepts and right material selection have a big impact on the final performance of a mission. That’s why we support our customers right from the start, providing guidance towards the right choices and decisions.


Aratom team knows the implication and responsibilities associated with a flight unit qualification and acceptance test campaigns. Through the years we have conducted several qualification test campaigns, performing vibration tests in best renowned facilities in the US. We have also developed 100% in-house complex static load tests, with more than 34 whiffle-trees loading system, including instrumentation software and load control system.​

We have proven experience in:​

  • Predicting and developing Static, Sine, Random, Shock and Acoustic environments at component, sub-system and spacecraft levels.
  • Full developing Test Plans and Instrumentation Specifications, including control strategy.
  • Conducting tests and supporting your team to analyze test data with proprietary MATLAB tools, developing notching strategies for protecting the flight unit or avoiding unnecessary over testing.
  • Mission QS Design Loads Development
  • Stress Analysis
  • Joints and fasteners failure analysis
  • Sine, Random and Acoustic Analysis
  • Thermo-Elastic
  • CLA (Coupled Load Analysis with Launch Vehicles)

Femap with NX Nastran and NX are our war horses for accomplishing all goals of mission structural analysis.


ARATOM team gained through the years a reputation of being a proficient MGSE designer by following a very simple principle:

MGSE shall be a 100% reliable device, capable of supporting mission ground operations with 0 probability of driving a failure mode on the flight unit​.

We are capable of designing, manufacturing and qualifying in the US all the MGSE needed for a satellite mission; from rigging devices and articulated dollies to highly reliable shipping containers with on-board instrumentation. Our qualified team pay special attention to all the details of a MGSE System, from selecting coating type and colors for being compliant with clean room environments, to verifying and specifying welded joints under AWS standards.

List of systems developed through years:

  • Shipping Container
  • Articulated Dollies
  • 0 G device for deployable AIT
  • Vibe fixtures with Load Cells for dynamic force limiting
  • Static Load Test actuator and force control systems
  • Static Load Test Reaction Frames
  • Static Load test Payload simulators
  • Lifting Fixture with fine tuning for Marman system integration
  • TVAC Dollies
  • Integration Dollies
  • Tilting dollies for GEO com modules
  • Satellite Tilting Beams
  • Lifting and spreading Bars
  • Static Stands
  • Assembly tooling
  • Multiple Rigging devices